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Debi Powell


Debi Powell, Breakthrough Consulting, Business Consultant
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Debi Powell doesn’t just believe in playing the game: She believes in changing it.

Inspired by her success playing team sports through her college years, Debi has been a powerful catalyst and advocate for teamwork her entire life. Throughout her professional career, Debi’s transformative spark has helped businesses, non-profit organizations, and athletic programs maximize performance, grow their impact, and forge stronger professional bonds that drive success.

At the core of her work is a belief that working and playing well together is the key to life’s greatest triumphs and sweetest victories. That’s why she launched Breakthrough Consulting and why she champions teamwork. Debi has experienced flourishing teams, stressed out teams, average teams, disconnected teams, dysfunctional teams, and some great teams, too. From good to bad, perhaps like you, she's experienced the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Debi earned her Master’s in Education from the University of Kentucky. She is an Accredited Integrative Enneagram Practitioner, Certified Health and Well-being Coach, and volunteer jail chaplain. She enjoys the adventure of travel, doing sports commentary from her recliner, celebrating wins & milestones with ice cream, and being active outdoors year-round.

Known for her authenticity, leadership expertise, unabashed zest for life, and her ability to turn strangers into friends, Debi has earned the welcomed reputation for not only being a one-of-a-kind consultant, but a dynamic speaker, organizational accelerator, and trusted colleague.






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Pathways to

This is Debi's favorite topic to talk about because she's lived it!  Breakthroughs happen -- and not always in the way we think they do. This keynote is about overcoming setbacks and combines Debi's irresistible storytelling with meaningful action steps.

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Group Dynamics at Work:
Tuckman's Theory For Your Team

How a team functions and works together day-to-day determines its culture and impact. If you want to understand the stages that groups work through so you can maximize your team's experience, growth and success -- this one's for you!

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3 Game-Changing Hacks to
Grow Your People Skills

People skills, human skills or soft skills -- whatever you call them -- are the literal heartbeat to winning in life and business. This talk explains unique ways to see and understand yourself & others, which leads to better relationships & teamwork.

Whether you're looking for a conference keynote speaker, a workshop presenter or a lunch & learn with your team, Debi would love to bring her innovative leadership & expertise to your next event.

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Debi's work has been recognized!


She was named a Top 30 Female Entrepreneur to Look Out For in 2022 by Disruptors Magazine!


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Jon Linwick, COO


“After a decade of collaboration with Debi, I can tell you that she is the real deal. Passionate, driven, caring, faith-filled… a gifted communicator, envisioner, and leader. I’m always moved to act quicker, think deeper, and stand stronger after hearing her speak.”

engaging + empowering

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